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Welcome to Whoji's Warehouse 13. This is where I list all the projects I have been working no recently. None of these projects are research related. Please visit this page for more about my academic side. Most of these projects and innovatives are created jsut for fun. If you find them interesting and wanna join me for something big, please contact me for possible collaboration. Comments and suggestions are warmly welcome.


CHFESE Project CHFESE (code name: door) is a search engine to study the Etymology of Chinese characters (Hanzi). CHFESE made it easy to trace the origin and evolution of Hanzi by studying their frequency in literatures from a wide range of time (3000+ years). Mar-2013 Updating
dota Data analysis of DotA Heroes' stats. Hierachical Clustering and PCA analysis were performed. 6-1-2012 closed
simpledraw A simple drawer, similar to "Draw Something". This is my first HTML5 attempt. HTML5 doesn't feel fishy at all, just old school Javascript. 5-17-2012 closed
tian8 (Very) Simple statistical analysis of Jingyong's novel "tian long ba bu". Currently have counting of names. Co-occurrence of name's statistics is now added (Feb2012). Word-cloud added (Aug2012) 1-15-2012 active
streetlapse Time-lapse video using google maps' street view. Use AutoHotKey to navigate and capture the screen. 12-30-2011 semi-closed
visacheckautomatic monitoring of the official listing of visa application Administrative Processing (abbr AP, so called check) status, as listed from some of the US Consulate offices in China. aug-2011 active
camlapse Time-lapse video using my 1.3Mp Logitech C905 portable webcam. july-2011 semi-closed

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