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A list of several hundred Jewish Genealogy Links, cross-indexed by subject.

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JGL: Jewish Genealogy Links is a collection of links to sites helpful to those researching their Jewish roots. I decided to create this page after realizing that there was no comprehensive list of links pertaining to Jewish genealogy. The links on this page, with few exceptions, are to sources that pertain solely or have pertinence to Jewish genealogy. You will notice that there are some "secular" links. This is because they still are of help to Jewish genealogists. For example, the Ellis Island Photograph Page. Even though it is not specific to Jewish genealogy, many will benefit from it because man Jewish genealogists had ancestors come through Ellis Island. A comprehensive list of all genealogical links, regardless of religion, is Cyndi's List, a list of over 30,000 links.

A note to beginners: I highly recommend that before you use this page, go to JewishGen, the official home of Jewish Genealogy. They have dozens of databases that are extremely useful for everyone researching Jewish roots. If you need help doing research in a specific part of the US, go to the USGenWeb. Every county in the US has set up a homepage there listing important info about doing research in that county.

For those more experienced genealogists who know about Jewish Gen and USGenWeb, the table of contents is on the home page. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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