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Daniel Stearns Russell, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

University Address: French and Italian Department, University of Pittsburgh, 1328 C.L., Pittsburgh, PA 15260 Tel.: 412/624-5220, FAX 624-6263


Hamilton College, B.A. (Philosophy) 1959
New York University, M.A. (French Literature) 1961
          Ph.D. (French Literature) 1968
          Dissertation: A Survey of French Emblem Literature, 1536-1600
Middlebury College, Summer School in French 1960
Université de Lille, French Literature and Linguistics 1963-1964
Université de Paris, French Literature 1964-1965

Teaching Experience:

Lycée français de New-York
   Professeur d'anglais 1961-1963
Ecole libre des hautes études, New York
   Part-time teacher of English as a second language 1961-1962
Wassekeog School Camp, Dexter, Maine
   Taught French (secondary school level- remedial) Summer, 1962
Hamilton College, Instructor in Romance Languages 1965-1968
University of Pittsburgh Assistant.
   Professor of French 1968-1974
   Associate Professor of French 1974-1986
   Professor of French 1986 to present
Folger Institute Seminar on
   "Emblematic Structures in Renaissance Culture" Fall, 1988

Fellowships and Grants:

New York State Regents Teaching Fellowships 1959-1961
Fulbright Fellowships 1963-1965 Huber Foundation Grant 1967
University of Pittsburgh Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Grants 1970, 1974, 1979, 1995 John G. Bowman Travel Grant 1976
University Center for International Studies Research Expense Grants 1984, 1987-89
Central Research Development Fund Grant 1990, 1995
Hewlett Foundation Grant 1994
ACLS Travel Grant (First International Conference on Word and Image, Amsterdam) 1987 National Endowment for the Humanities Senior Fellowship 1987-1988
Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (1987) for 1988-1989
American Philosophical Society Grant 1990

Administrative Experience and University Service: (all at the University of Pittsburgh)

Director, University of Pittsburgh Program in France, 1971-1972
Director, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, 1977-1983;
   Executive committee, 1983 to present
Department Chair, 1984-1996
Director, Professional Translation Program, 1986-1987

Public Lectures and Invited Papers (since 1986):

"Formatting Illustration and Text in Proto-Emblematic Manuscripts and Early Emblem Books in    France," XXIst International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May, 1986
"Myths and Metaphors of Illness in Literature," The Carroll F. Reynolds Historical Society, School    of Medicine, Universityof Pittsburgh, May, 1986
"Emblems in Renaissance France," New York University, March, 1987
"The Emblem and Authority," The First International Conference on Word and Image, Amsterdam,
    April, 1987
"Reading Alciato in Late Sixteenth-Century France: Simon Bouquet's Imitations et traductions de    cent dixhuit emblèmes d'Alciat," International Colloquium, The European Emblem, Glasgow,    August, 1987
"The European Emblem: An Introduction," Bag Lunch Series, Department of History, University of    Pittsburgh, October, 1987
"The Needs of the Literary Historian," McGill Symposium on "An Index of Emblem Art: Ways and    Means," Montreal, September, 1988
"Reading Alciato in Sixteenth-Century France: Simon Bouquet's Imitations et traductions de cent    dixhuit emblemes d'Alciat," Princeton Symposium on "Andrea Alciati and the Emblem Tradition"    (organized by the Graphic Arts Dept. of the Princeton University Library in association with The    Society for Emblem Studies) September, 1988
"The European Emblem: An Introduction," Fall Lecture series, Department of Fine Arts, University    of Pittsburgh, November, 1988
"L'Emblème dans le contexte européenne," Université de Paris-VIII, February, 1989
"Aspects of Characterization in the Heptaméron," Renaissance Society of America, annual    conference, Cambridge, Mass., March-April, 1989
"La Description et l'emblématique dans la poésie française de Du Bellay," Colloque Du Bellay,    Angers, May, 1989
"The Third Part of La Perrière's Emblems," Glasgow International Emblem Conference, August,    1990
"Emblematics, or the Art of the Ornamental Image," The University of Tenessee at Chattanooga,    February 20, 1992
"Some Uses of Disguise in the Heptaméron," International Colloquium on Marguerite de Navarre,    1492-1992, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia, April, 1992
"Mirrors and Mutability in French Baroque Verse," Kentucky Foreign Language Conference,    Lexington, KY, April, 1992
"Emblematic Discourse in French Renaissance Entrées," Thirteenth Barnard College Medieval-    Renaissance Conference on Public Structures," December 5, 1992
"Emblems and the End of Memory," Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies conference    on Memory and the Arts, May 1, 1993
"Perceiving, Seeing and Meaning: Emblems and Some Approaches to Reading Early Modern    Culture," Philosophy and Literature conference, Duquesne University, May 13-16, 1993. "Emblems and Politics during the Reign of Louis XIV," "Politics, Religion and the Emblem." A    McGill Symposium on Emblem Studies, McGill University, May 13, 1994.
"Emblems into Poems: Simon Bouquet's Use of Mignault's Commentaries in his Imitations et    traductions de Cent dixhuict emblesmes dAlciat," Renaissance Society of America annual meeting,    New York, March 30-April 1, 1995
"Emblems and Politics during the Reign of Henri IV and Louis XIII," Kentucky Foreign Langauage    Conference, Lexington, KY, April 20-22, 1995
   "Tapestries, Emblems and the Ages of Man: Defining the Self in Early Modern France," Plenary    Lecture, Second Minnesota Conference on Cultural Emblematics, Minneapolis, April 26- 28,    1995
"Emblems and Anamorphosis," International Conference: "Emblem Studies: The State of the Art,"    Wroclaw, Poland, June 7-11, 1995
"Devise, Emblème, Placard: La Représentation emblématique du mariage sous les dernier Valois et    les premiers Bourbons," XXXVIIIe Colloque International: Le Mariage à la Renaissance, Centre    d'Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance, Université François Rabelais - Tours, July 5-12, 1995 "Emblems and Anamorphosis," Faculty-Graduate Student Seminar, Department of French and    Italian, University of Pittsburgh, November 10, 1995
"Literature and Translation," Department of French and Italian conference on "The Case for    Literature in 1996," Pittsbusrgh April 6, 1996
"Emblems and the Ages of Man," Plenary Lecture, Fourth International Emblem Conference,    Leuven, August 18-23, 1996



1. The Emblem and Device in France. Lexington, Kentucky: French Forum Monographs, 1985
2.  Emblematic Structures in Renaissance French Culture. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,      1995

Books Translated:

3. Walter Weideli, The Art of Bertold Brecht. New York: NYU Press, 1963
4. Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Reverie. New York: Orion Press, 1969 (now a Beacon     paperback in 9th printing)

Books Edited:

5. (with Catharine Randall), Simon Bouquet, Imitations et traductions de cent dixhuit emblemes    d'Alciat (B. N. ms. fr. 19.143). AMS Studies in the Emblem, No. 5. New York: AMS Press,    1996
6. (with Michael Bath), Deviceful Settings: The English Renaissance Emblem and its Contexts.    Papers from the Third International Emblem Conference, Pittsburgh, August 16-19, 1993.
   AMS Studies in the Emblem, No. 13. New York: AMS Press, 1997.
7. (with Laurence Grove), The French Emblem: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources. Montreal:    Queen's/McGill University Press, 1997.
8. (with Peter M. Daly) Emblematic Perceptions. Essays in Honor of William S. Heckscher On the    Occasion of his Ninetieth Birthday, for publication in the series "Saecvla Spiritalia," Verlag    Valentin Koerner, Baden-Baden.


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Service to the profession: (selected examples)

-Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) team for the evaluation of American academic programs in France, 1971-1972
-Secretary, 1977; Chair, 1978; Sixteenth-Century French Literature Section, Northeast Modern Language Association -President, Alliance Française de Pittsburgh, 1977-1984
-Consultant, Western Kentucky University, 1977
-Reader/reviewer for NEH, Canada Council, French Forum Monographs, Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies (SUNY/Binghamton), PMLA, University of Nebraska Press,  Renaissance Quarterly, etc.
-Chair, Western Pennsylvania Symposium on World Literatures,1982
-Executive Committee, Division on Sixteenth-Century French Literature, MLA, 1984-1988; chair, 1987
-Outside consultant in promotion decisions at: Pennsylvania State University at University Park, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Brandeis University, University of Florida at Gainesville, Washington University (St. Louis), University of Maine at Orono, Brown University, Rutgers University, University of Waikato (New Zealand), University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Cornell University, California University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin at Madison,  University of Strathclyde (UK), lBarnard College
-Reader, Advanced Placement Examination in French, Educational Testing Service -Founding Co-editor, Emblematica: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies
-Chair, Committee to evaluate the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1989-1990 -Consultant to evaluate the Department of Modern Languages at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, November 1990
-Organizer, Third International Emblem Conference, sponsored by the Society for Emblem Studies,  August, 1993

Ph. D. Dissertations directed:

-Channa N. Weyel-Fessler, Tension in Baudelaire's Poetry (1978)
-Marigrace Bellert (Tomaszewski), A Critical Edition of Jacques Grévin's Olympe (1979)
-Carol Kaplan, Narcissistic Optics in Gide's Récits (1984)
-Catharine Randall (Coats), Strategies of Overcoming: The Author as Sinful Creator in Agrippa d'Aubigné's Epic and Prose Works (1987)
-Laurence Grove, Emblematics and Seventeenth-Century French Literature: Descartes and La  Fontaine (1994)
-Didier Course, Le sceptre et le bijou: Métamorphoses du pouvoir et genèse d'un imaginaire moderne (1560-1685) (1995) -Lucia Perrotta, The Body and the Body Politic in Robert Garnier's Roman Plays (1996)

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