Cloister of Cluniac Abbey Church of Saint-Pierre


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Below is a list of the subjects of the panel sculptures and capitals taken from Ernest Rupin, L'Abbaye et Les Cloitres de Moissac. (Paris, 1897), pages 210-326.

South Gallery
1. St. Matthew
2. Beheading of John the Baptist
3. Foliage and Birds
4. City of Babylon
5. Birds
6. Nebuchadnezzar
7. Martyrdom of St. Stephen
8. Acanthus Leaves
9. David and Musicians
10. Sacred Jerusalem
11. Pillar
12. Devil unchained
13. The Evangelists
14. Miraculous Healing of
Woman from Cana and the
Conversion of the Centurion
15. Parable of the Good Samaritan
16. Temptations of Jesus
17. Vision of Saint John
18. Transfiguration
19. Imprisonment and
Rescue of Saint Peter
20. Baptism of Christ
21. Saint Paul
East Gallery
22. St. Peter
23. Samson and the Lion
24. Martyrdoms of Saints
Peter and Paul
25. Alphabets
26. Adam and Eve
27. Palm Leaves
28. Martyrdom of St Laurence
29. Washing of Feet
30. Foliage
31. Lazarus and Dives
32. Griffons
33. Birds
34. Abbot Durand
35. Wedding at Cana
36. Vines and Foliage
37. Adoration of the Magi and
Massacre of the Innocents
38. Palms and Vines
39. Palms
40. Martyrdom of St. Saturnin
41. Acanthus Leaves
42. Martyrdoms of Saints
Fructueus, Augure, and Euloge
43. Annunciation and Visitation
44. St. James the Greater
North Gallery
45. St. John
46. Archangel Michael
Slays a Dragon
47. Eagles and Fish
48. Foliage and Fleur-de-lis
49. Miracles of Saint Benoit
50. Fantastic Beasts
51. St. Peter Cures a Paralytic
52. Arabesques and Animals
53. Heavenly Choir
54. Calling of the Apostles and
The Miraculous Draught of Fish

55. Pillar
56. Daniel in the Lions' Den
57. Entry of the Cross
into Jerusalem
58. Abaresques
59. Evangelists
60. Doves
61. Three Hebrews in
the Fiery Furnace
62. Saint Martin of Tours
63. Arabesques
64. Jesus and the Woman of Samaria
65. Saint Andrew
West Gallery
66. St. Phillip
67. Sacrifice of Abraham
68. Triumph of the Cross
69. Palm Foliage
70. Birds
71. Annunciation to the Shepherds
and Daniel in the Lions' Den

72. Palm Foliage
73. Devil Unchained
74. Raising of Lazarus
75. Palms
76. The Damned
77. Pillar with Inscription on
west side and St. Simon on east side
78. Samuel anoints David
79. Abaresques
80. Doves and Lions
81. Palms
82. Beatitudes
83. Lions and Figures
84. Cain and Abel
85. Palms and Vines
86. Unknown
87. David and Goliath
88. Saint Bartholomew

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