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P/F Grant Application (PDF)

P/F Grant Application (MS Word)





Funding (next deadline: November 1, 2004)

The Pilot Feasibility (P/F) program provides support for a limited time to enable eligible investigators to explore the feasibility of an obesity/eating disorder related concept and collect sufficient pilot data to then be able to obtain additional support for the project.  Funding is limited to a maximum of $15,000 per project.  Projects are now funded for up to 2 years.

The Pilot Feasibility (P/F) program application is available for download in PDF format. (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here) or as a Word document

The National Institutes of Health guidelines state that investigators eligible for P/F funding generally fall into one of three categories: (1) new investigators without current or past NIH research grant support; (2) established investigators who have not previously worked in the area of obesity who wish to test the applicability of their expertise on an obesity-related problem; and (3) established investigators in the area of obesity who wish to test the feasibility of a novel idea that represents a distinct departure from their ongoing research. Funds are not available for dissertation research.  Faculty members or postdoctoral fellows with support from a faculty mentor, who meet one of these three categories of eligibility, are invited to apply.

The ONRC has funded a diverse range of projects over the last several years.  Follow the link below to view a list of previously funded P/F projects.

The next projected submission deadline for pilot/feasibility project applications is November 1, 2004. Please contact Diane Casile at 692-2249, or e-mail at for more information.

Recently funded P/F grants

Previously funded P/F grants

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