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My name is Max Swahn and I am currently enroleld at the University of Pittsburgh as a freshman engineer. I was born June 4th, 1996 and attended McDowell High School in Erie, Pennsylvania. As a graduating senior from McDowell, I achieved a final GPA of 4.26 which ranked me 19th out of the 499 graduating seniors. In high school designed a three dimensional drawing of a mousetrap operated car through software offered by his computer applications elective. I then went one step further with my design and manufactured a small scale car out of supplied materials. The skills and grades that I acquired in high school put me right at the top of the class.

I care about my own personal successin the classroom but also the success of my fellow peers. I've repeatedly stopped my own work and hear out the problems of my classmates. Then he would try to either give his opinion on the matter or try to help out and solve the problem with the other student. Also, I have devoted over 40 hours of my time to community service this past year. I've volunteered at the local soup kitchen as well as the Erie Zoo and the Children’s Muse. Giving back to the community is one of my passions as a good citizen. My other passions include hockey, collecting World War II militaria, mountain biking, and modifying my car. I've played for 15 years and plan to continue playing for the rest of my life. My hobby of collecting has been a new interest of mine and is very fun and exciting. Mountain biking is also very fun. It gets me outside and also a means of exercise. Fourthly, my car Sheila is my baby. I bought her in 2012 with the money I saved from birthdays and my job. Everything modified on her has been done in my garage and I take pride in the work I do.

Where to find me:

Max Swahn
111 University Place
Nordenberg Hall 9-09
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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