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"There is a moral and philosophical respect for our ancestors which elevates the character and improves the heart"
Daniel Webster

Welcome to the web page of Larry, Denise, and Cody Jones. We are from Pittsburgh, PA. I have been collecting a wealth of information about the Jones family of Washington County, PA. To be fair, my mother and sister did most of the hard work getting our family tree togather, I just got drawn in and can't stop. Feel free to browse around and PLEASE, let us know if you're a long lost relative, or just a friend to say "Hi!".

If you are a Perdreauville, I would like to hear from you. My Uncle had told me that his father, Louis Perdreauville had told him that if you meet another Perdreauville, you're probably related to him.  I think this rings true.  I have not found another Perdreauville other than family members.

The Family Tree......

The Jones lines came from the likes of a sailor from Wales, William Jones. He had a family in Ellicot Mills, MD in the 1760's. To him was born a son, William H. Jones, and a daughter Rose Ann. He was soon after lost at sea on a return trip back to Europe. Thirty years later, William, a blacksmith by trade, moved to Somerset Twp, Washington Co., PA and raised a family of twelve, whose offspring married into many of eastern Washington Counties prominent families. The Whiskey Rebellion was probably Williams first test of the frontier life, a strifeful time in the young years of our nation, but one that proved fruitful for the Jones family. Here is their story...........

Family Stories

Some published stories about William H. Jones, Somerset Twp, Washington Co., PA

A little about my grandfather, Wayne Crawley Jones, Monongahela, Washington Co., PA

"Its a thin veil between life and death..." thoughts by Larry Jones about ancestors past.

Quotes, poems and thoughts that help me make it through the day!

Family Scrapbook

The McDonalds

A little about the McDonald side of our family. Originally from Scotland, settling in LaFourche Parish, Louisianna.

Family Occupations

  Favorite Links

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The Bradford House, Washington County, PA.....A Whiskey Rebellion landmark

Heinrich Frye Family Association

Washington County, PA GenWeb

City of Pittsburgh

Bagpipes at Best

Kanukawa Lodge, Deep River, Canada (Great hunting/fishing Lodge!)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Cyndis lists of genealogy sites on the web

The Gathering of the Clans

Quaker Corner

Kraig Ruckel's Palatine & Pennsylvania Dutch Genealogy Page

"For we are, each of us, a collection of memories. Our personalities are the collective result of everything that has happened to us, yeah it is the end of the day we look back upon the days and years through the looking glass of memory. And when we are gone, we become a part of the memories and personalities of others"
...from the jacket of "Sons of Somerlied" audio CD by Steve McDonald


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