• Lauren B. Collister

    Electronic Publications Associate
    Ph.D., Sociolinguistics
    Specializing in open access, ethnography, CMC, virtual worlds, multimodality

  • About Me


    I am the Electronic Publications Associate at the Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing at the University of Pittsburgh. I specialize in e-journal administration and open access.

    I am also an active scholar in sociolinguistics, digital gaming, and semiotics. I hold a Ph.D. Sociolinguistics from the University of Pittsburgh. I have particularly focused on the study of multimodal discourse analysis in online environments. My dissertation project was an ethnography of World of Warcraft. I am particularly interested in the intersection of multimodal communication strategies and identity.

  • Curriculum Vitae

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    Find out more about my education, publications, teaching experience, invited talks, and more! Click here for a PDF of my Curriculum Vitae. The document includes links to publications and videos of presentations.

    I have provided links to proof copies of my publications below. If you need any other PDFs, please contact me directly.

    Collister, L. (2012) “The Discourse Deictics ^ and <-- in a World of Warcraft Community.” Discourse, Context, and Media, 1:1. PDF.

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  • World of Warcraft Research

    CV Preview

    This project started in 2007 as a collaborative ethnography by Benjamin Friedline and myself. We created characters within the game World of Warcraft and interacted with the communities we encountered as part of being regular players of the game. The project was originally done for our Masters Theses and I continued my study the game community for my dissertation and other academic pursuits.

    I am interested in the ways that players use novel linguistic constructions for particular purposes in the game world. I have done conversation analysis on text-based turn-taking, semantic shifts of symbols like * and ^ as lexical items, and the use of multimodal communication for social goals.

    I am also interested in identity in digital worlds and the relationship between the player and the avatar. The meshing of "virtual" and "actual" is an ongoing subject of fascination for me.

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    Lauren B. Collister

    Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing
    University of Pittsburgh
    7500 Thomas Boulevard
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA

    E-mail: lbc8@pitt.edu
    Skype: parnopaeus
    Twitter: @parnopaeus