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Consultation Services for Children/Adolescents Referred for Sexual Behavior Problems

Clinical Research Interests

My work primarily deals with the study and treatment of disruptive behavior disorders and children’s antisocial behavior, including childhood firesetting, sexually abusive (offending) behavior in youth, child physical abuse and related forms of maltreatment, and adolescent depression/suicide.

Much of our current treatment research work is devoted to dissemination and implementation efforts designed to adapt and then transport effective interventions for these clinical problems to various community settings or systems serving children, youth, and families, including pediatric primary care, juvenile justice, child welfare, public health/safety, and mental health.

I routinely conduct professional seminars and trainings on a national and international basis to teach evidence-based treatments to practitioners working with the above-mentioned populations. This includes workshops on a treatment approach (“Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy”) that I developed for families involved in child physical abuse or physical force, and which has been recently adapted for use with early-onset disruptive behavior disorders.

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