I am a Phd Student in Intelligent System Program at University of Pittsburgh. Previously, I was working as Research Assistant in SERC at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I have done my Masters from DA-IICT in Computer Science. I am fortunate to be co-advised by Prof. Daqing He and Prof. Peter Brusilovsky.

My research focuses on improving student models for Adaptive Tutors and MOOCs. Specifically I look at techniques for automatic extraction, representation and relation mining of Knowledge Components (also known as Knowledge Units or Concepts ) in Student Models like Bayesian Knowledge Tracing, Additive Factor Model and Performance Factor Analysis. In my recent work, I tried to improve student models by infering better student knowledge state through student reading behaviour. Currently I am working on improving concept representations using external knowledge graphs to obtain concepts that can help better adaptive interfaces in online courses, books and MOOCs.

My vision is to contribute to research in Education Technology by efficient use of Artificial Intelligence. I love exploring new possibilities in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.


Recent News:

20th November 2018Our paper on "Comprehensive Factor Model: Modeling student's reading beahviour " got accepted in LAK 2019
26th August 2018Our paper on "Concept Enhanced Content Representation For Linking Educational Resources" got accepted in WI 2018
30th July 2018Attented Simon Initiative LearnLab Summer School @ Carnegie Melon University
20th June 2018Our paper on "Dynamic Knowledge Modeling with Heterogeneous Activities for Adaptive Textbooks" got accepted in EDM 2018