The Gore Vidal Suite
At Bangkok's Oriental Hotel

Because of Vidal's frequent stays at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, the hotel named a suite after him a number of years ago. Actually, the Oriental remodeled its John Le Carré Suite in 2000 and, in the process, renamed it The Gore Vidal Suite, thus vaguely recalling Vidal's assertion: "It is not enough that I succeed. Others must fail."

Below are links to a series of pages with photos of the hotel and the Vidal Suite, including its "autographed" key and doorplate. These photos are on the web site of Alf Erickson, who now rents the suite under an annual lease.

Here are the doorplate and key of the Vidal Suite. As you'll see, each one features Vidal's gilt signature.

Quite clearly, the suite is beautifully furnished and tastefully decorated. Here are more pictures inside and looking out.

The Oriental Hotel sits along the Chao Phya River in scenic Bangkok.

Here's the view out the window of the suite and also from the balcony. And here are a few more window views.

The suite features some Vidal books on several bookshelves and an office, left messy here by an occupant.