Harry Kloman

434 William Pitt Union
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(412) 648-7842 kloman@pitt.edu

Current Work

University of Pittsburgh: Journalism instructor, English Department, 1988-present; news adviser to the student newspaper, The Pitt News, 1998-present.

Additional Work as a Writer

City Paper, film critic, 2001-2018.

Film Criticism, book review editor, 2005-2017. In Pittsburgh Weekly, film critic, 1987-2001.

The Meadville Tribune, Meadville, Pa. City editor, reporter, film critic, photography, 1979-1988.

The Punxsutawney Spirit, Punxsutawney, Pa. Night editor, reporter, columnist, 1978.

Freelancer for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The New York Times, Pittsburgh magazine, Erie Times-News. (See Selected Publications below)

Additional Work as a Teacher

Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Journalism instructor, English department, 1986-1988.

Pitt's Informal Program, instructor, 1991-98.


Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Bachelor of Arts degree in English and political science, 1979.

University of Pittsburgh. Master of Fine Arts degree in nonfiction, 1991.

Community Activities

Pitt News Advisory Board, University of Pittsburgh, 1995-1998. This board oversees and advises The Pitt News, the daily student newspaper at the University of Pittsburgh.

Managing editor, Film Criticism, a tri-quarterly scholarly journal published by Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. 1982-88.

Chairman of the board of directors, Meadville Council on the Arts, 1985-87. Board member, 1984-85. Vice chairman, 1987-88.

Meadville Community Theater. Actor and writer. 1985-88.

Selected Publications

Mesob Across America: Ethiopian Food in the U.S.A. My book, published in 2010, about this history and culture of Ethiopian cuisine, available for sale at Amazon.com and other online book sites.

Ethiopian Food: Mesob Across America. A website of new writing about Ethiopian cuisine since the publication of my book.

Raw Meat, an Ethiopian Delight. A look at the role of raw meat in the culture of Ethiopian cuisine. The Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2011.

Ethiopian Restaurant Guide. A website listing every Ethiopian restaurant in the United States, with video visits to some restaurants.

Tej: The Ethiopian Honey Wine. An extensive web site about tej, the ancient Ethiopian honey wine.

The Gore Vidal Index. An extensive web site, with abudant original writing, that explores the work and life of the author Gore Vidal.

East Meets West in a Dying Steel Town. A Japanese filmmaker comes to a small town near Pittsburgh to make a movie about a dying steel town. A report on location. The New York Times, Sunday, Aug. 5, 1990.

Tim Robbins, Running Hard. The actor writes and directs his first feature film, in which he also stars. A report on location. The New York Times, Sunday, Jan. 12, 1992.

The Encyclopedia of American War Literature. Edited by Philip K. Jason and Mark A. Graves. Greenwood Press, 2001. Entry on the works of author Gore Vidal. Pgs. 347-348.

George A. Romero Interviews. Edited by Tony Williams. University Press of Mississippi, 2011. Reprints an interview that appeared in Film Criticism, Vol. VI, No. 1. Pgs 69-81, Fall 1982. Co-author: John Hanners. "The McDonaldization of America": An Interview with George A. Romero.

Conversations with Gore Vidal. Edited by Richard Peabody and Lucinda Ebersole. University Press of Mississippi, 2005. Reprints an interview with Gore Vidal that first appeared on The Gore Vidal Index. Pgs. 139-155.

Memories of Gore Vidal. In the Journal of American Studies of Turkey. November 2012. Pgs. 22-25.

Robert Altman Interviews. Edited by David Sterrit. University Press of Mississippi, 2000. Reprints an interview with director Robert Altman that first appeared in Film Criticism, Vol. VII, No. 3, Spring 1983. Co-authors: Lloyd Michaels, Virginia Wright Wexman. Pgs. 107-116.

What's It All About, Andy? A look at the films of Andy Warhol to mark the inaugural of the Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday Magazine, May 8, 1994.

The Truth According to Gore Vidal. This is a feature-length review of Vidal's memoir, Palimpsest, from the Oct. 29, 1995, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Antiquarian Book Traders and the Ties That Bind. A look at the antiquarian book trade in Pittsburgh and the pleasures of collecting rare books. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday Magazine, Dec. 19, 1995.

Ten Days at Sundance. Journey with Pittsburgh filmmaker Tony Buba and his partners to the Sundance Film Festival, where they show their film and meet Robert Redford. For In Pittsburgh Newsweekly, May 17, 1996.

What a Long, Strange Trek It's Been. Meet the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation as they talk about their new big-screen movie. For In Pittsburgh Newsweekly, November 1996.

Can You Get There From Here? The city's billion-dollar new airport and related development projects open to the public. Pittsburgh magazine, September 1992.

Rollin' on the Rivers. Director Rowdy Herrington and actor Bruce Willis make an action movie in Pittsburgh about a river cop. Pittsburgh magazine, October 1993.

Bootprints in the Snow. A narrative account of the murder of a young doctor and the trial of his accused killer. Pittsburgh magazine, 1991.

A Place Apart. People with AIDS living in rural towns face unique fears, challenges and discrimination. Pittsburgh magazine, October 1991.

Woodland Hills in Black and White. Ten years after a court-ordered merger, a suburban school district works toward achieving racial balance and educational equality. Pittsburgh magazine, September 1991.

The Truth or Consequences of Pittsburghese. The city's regional accent often doesn't play well in the business world. Pittsburgh magazine, February 1992.

The Battle of the Sludge. Allegheny County considers adopting environmentally sound new "green" technology to treat sewage. Pittsburgh magazine, November 1989.

Writing Awards

Winner in the category "Magazines: Enterprise/Investigative" for "Can You Get There From Here?" Pittsburgh magazine, September 1992.

Finalist in the category "Magazines: Cultural" for "Rollin' on the Rivers." Pittsburgh magazine, October 1993.

Course Descriptions (University of Pittsburgh)

Introduction to Journalism. The prerequisite for all University of Pittsburgh journalism courses. Covers basic reporting skills and principles of journalism.

Newspaper 1. A course in general newspaper feature writing.

Nonfiction 1. A course in which students write feature-length magazine nonfiction, with emphasis on the style of writing known as creative nonfiction or literary journalism.

Writing the Review. An advanced course for writing majors that allows students to write about the arts, with an emphasis on feature-writing skills and critical poin ts of view.

The Pitt News. A weekly critique/discussion of the daily student newspaper for senior editors and staff writers.

General Writing. The required freshman composition course at the University of Pittsburgh, with emphasis on a student's ability to read challenging books, essays and stories and to write thoughtful responses to them.

Appreciating Movies. A non-credited adult evening course in Pitt's Informal Program in which participants gather each week to discuss current movies, with lectures and discussion questions prepared by th e instructor.

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