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Bio-engineer borrows money to launch experimental company


The Associated Press

INDIANA, Pa. (AP) -- The former head of Biocontrol Technologies Inc. has launched a new company that will develop research tools for creating and measuring light.

Rich Wiggins borrowed money from family and freinds in June to start InTek International, his own phototonics instruments company. Wiggins is already selling one type of spectroscopy tool and and will produce two other devices starting in December.

As the head researcher at Biocontrol, he was responsible for developing the company's non-invasive glucose sensor which measures diabetics' insulin levels without drawing blood. The Food and Drug Administration is examining that device for approval.

Wiggins said he expects to have 25 employees and $6 million in business in four years because his phototonics tools can be used in many different types of industry and research.

''I've tried to design my products to be very versatile, to be changeable,'' he said. ''I'm making peices for scientists that are trying to put together new things, things that haven't been done before.''