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There are several places that physicians (and others) can search for medical information on the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database. You can go directly to the NLM; this used to require that you set up an account and pay for your searches; but as of late July 1997, it is free and you don't need an account or password. And, the search engine works better than any of the free ones, and you can import the results easily into EndNote+ using the MEDLINGM filter. Recommended.
National Library of Medicine Internet Grateful Med site
There are several other sites that offer MEDLINE access, presumably paid for by advertising and other medical company contributions. Some sites offer these only to physicians, others only to those in the U.S. -- but try and see if you can get in anyway, even if you're not a U.S. physician. These sites offer other services, sometimes including free email access for physicians, and other databases:
Avicenna Medical Web Site, with free Medline access
Physicians Online (POL) -- free Medline access
HealthGate -- free Medline access
Healthy.Net Medline Access
MedScape: free Medline and other resources
Here are some other good medical sites that don't offer Medline access, but have lots of other good information:
US EMT-Paramedic Curriculum Revision Project, being done by the Center for Emergency Medicine -- where you can download drafts of the new EMT-P Curriculum
The Wilderness EMS Institute -- information on emergency medicine as practiced by mountain and cave rescue teams ("wilderness EMS").
Global Emergency Medicine Archives -- the premier emergency medicine site; has my Hypertext Medical Notebook posted there for downloading
Pennsylvania Chapter, American College of Emergency Physicicians -- nice site to learn about the specialty of emergency medicine (including registration for the ACEP Emergency Department Informatics Symposium in December 1996 in Philadelphia)
National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics (NCEMI) -- good information, including information about Emergency Department Tracking Systems, and LOTS of links (includes my information on how to choose an ED tracking system)
MedExplorer -- plans to be a super-link and super-search site for medical Web sites
MedConnect -- continuing medical education and more
Physicians' Guide to the Internet
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