Katalin Szanto, M.D.

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

SzantoK [at] upmc [dot] edu

+1 (412) 586-9601

Research Focus

My research focuses on suicidal behavior and mood disorders. I have extensive experience treating suicidal patients and their families. My research experience includes conducting a psychological autopsy study, a suicide prevention program in primary care, extensive experience in interviewing practitioners who have lost patients by suicide, and conducting a long-term follow-up study on risk and protective factors for late-life suicide. My current research focuses on decision process in late-life suicide, including a behavioral economics based formulation of suicidal behavior.

Clinical Interests

My clinical focus is the evaluation and treatment of patients with mood disorders and suicidal behavior.


  1. Alex Dombrovski
  2. Meryl Butters
  3. Charles F. Reynolds III
  4. Howard Aizenstein
  5. Michael Hallquist
  1. Luke Clark (Cambridge)
  2. Wandi Bruine de Bruin (Leeds)
  3. Barbara Sahakin (Cambridge)
  4. John Keilp (Columbia)
  5. Jeff Bridge (Ohio State)

Selected Publications

Prevention of suicide/pharmacological and psychosocial interventions with those who have attempted suicide

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Decision making and cognitive factors related to suicidal behavior

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Clinical and social risk and protective factors for late-life suicide

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Book Chapters

Szanto K: Suicide in the Second Half of Life: Cognition and Decision Processes. Suicide: Phenomenology and Neurobiology, 2014.

Szanto K: Ambivalence, Warning Signs, and Decision Making. Suicide in the Words of Suicidologists, 2010.