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Behavioral Medicine Research Group

The Behavioral Medicine Research Group (BMRG) is a research laboratory housed in the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Psychology. Directed by Tom Kamarck, Ph.D., the goal of this group is to investigate the role that psychosocial factors may play in the devend the mechanisms by which they may exert their effects. Most of our current research involves characterizing disease risk in healthy individuals rather than in cardiac patients, with implications for wellness and disease prevention. lopment of hypertension and atherosclerosis in humans a

We use a variety of research methods to reach our goals:

  • Cardiovascular psychophysiology (laboratory research)
  • Epidemiology (longitudinal field research)
  • Ecological Momentary Assessment (measurement of behavioral and biological variables in the natural environment using computer-assisted real-time reports)
  • Intensive interview assessments (Life Events and Difficulties Schedule for the measurement of chronic life stress)
  • Experimental research (treatment-outcome)

The  BMRG is also the main performance site for the Psychosocial and Health Behavior Assessment Core of the Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center, which was designed to disseminate current information about psychosocial and health behavior measures used for mind/body research.

Our research team includes faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and research staff housed on-site. Our collaborators include a multidisciplinary group of investigators throughout the Pittsburgh university communities and elsewhere who contribute to our work. 



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