We welcome motivated graduate students, undergraduates, and post doc with interests in ecological and evolutionary theory and their applications to contact us.

Prospective Graduate Students & Post-Docs

Post docs and graduate students interested in joining the Kalisz lab should contact Dr. Kalisz directly and apply to the Ecology and Evolution Program in the Department of Biological Sciences.  It is also suggested that you contact current grad students to learn about the lab group from their perspective.

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers

Many undergraduates work or conduct independent research projects in the Kalisz lab. Most, but not all, undergrads who work in our lab are E&E majors; however those that do are always interested and motivated students regardless of their major who want to be part of a rigorous research environment. Students who participate in our lab can take course credits, conduct independent research, work as paid research assistants or as volunteers. Kalisz lab undergrads have the opportunity to work on field projects, in the greenhouse and growth chambers, and/or in our molecular lab. Contact Dr. Kalisz for information about these opportunities.