Bruce Baldwin, UC Berkeley

Lena Hileman, University of Kansas


NESCent working group on the Paradox of Mixed Mating in Flowering Plants
NESCent National Evolutionary Synthesis Center

Paradox of mixed mating working group (2007) at NESCent demonstrating the bimodal distribution of outcrossing rates in plants.
Front row: Pierre-Olivier Cheptou, Mario Vallejo-Marin, John K. Kelley, Monica Geber, Emma Porcher,
Alice Winn. Back row: Chris Eckert, Risa Sargent, David Moeller, Rick Ree, Elizabeth Elle,
Susan Kalisz, Carol Goodwillie, Mark (Mojo) Johnston.


NSF Research Coordination Network MORPH 


NCEAS National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis