Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

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Valerian E. Kagan - Teaching

EOH 2012 Health, Diseases and Environment; Instructor - H.G. Claycamp. (facilitator, 6 didactic hrs)
EOH 2101 Introduction to Research Methods I; Instructor V.E. Kagan
EOH 2102 Introduction to Research Methods II; Instructor V.E. Kagan
EOH 2111 Survey of Radiation Health; Instructor – S. Grant (3 didactic hrs)
EOH 2121 Chemical, Physical and Biological Agents; Instructor - Dr. M. Tobin (3 didactic hrs)
EOH 2309 Bioorganic Toxicology; Instructor – B. Pitt (3 didactic hrs)
EOH 2175 Principles of Toxicology; Instructor – J.P. Fabisiak (4 didactic hrs)
EOH 2306 Biochemical Techniques in Molecular Toxicology; Instructor V.E. Kagan
MSPHL 2563 Cancer Pharmacology (Graduate Pharmacology Course Series); 2563 Instructor - Dr. J.C. Yalowich (3 didactic hours)