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Valerian E. Kagan - Grants

Grants and Contracts Received (last 5 years)

2002 - 2007 PI, Pulmonary phosphatidylserine oxidation during apoptosis.
2002 - 2007 Co-Investigator (PI- N. Schor). Antioxidant Strategies for Parkinson's Disease.
2003 - 2008 Co-Investigator, (J. Roberts - PI) Grant from NIH, NICHHD “Preeclampsia: Convergence of Fetal and Maternal Factors.” Project 3: Oxidative Stress in the genesis of preeclampsia.
2003 - 2008 Co-Investigator (PI- N. Schor). Targeted Therapy for Chemoresistant Tumors.
2003 - 2008 Director, Core on Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress, (PI-A. Choi), PPG from NHLB “Hyperoxic Lung Injury”.
2003 - 2008 Co-Investigator, (PI- M. Sanders), RO1 from NHLB “OSA and metabolic syndrome: role of oxidative stress”.
2004 - 2009 Co-Investigator (PI-J. Greenberger). Mn-SOD-PL Irradiation Protection in the Oral Cavity.
2005 - 2007  Co-Investigator (PI-M. Fink). Anti-apoptotic strategies against hemorrhagic shock.
2005 - 2009 PI, Oxidative lipidomics of cell clearance: from nematodes to humans. Human Frontier Science.
2005 - 2009 PI of sub-project 3 (PI of the Program Project - S. DeKosky). Neurolipidomics in dementia.
2005 - 2009 PI, NIOSH, Lung Oxidative Stress/Inflammation By Carbon Nanotubes.
2005 - 2010 PI on Project 2 “Prevention of cardiolipin oxidation in irradiation apoptosis,” a part of the Center for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation.
2006 - 2007 PI, NIH/Fogarty International Center, “Cytochrome c Mechanism of ROS signaling in Apoptosis”
2006 - 2011 Co-Investigator, “Novel Nitroxide resuscitation Strategies in Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury”.
2007 - 2012 Co-Investigator, “Regulation of Autophagy in Dopaminergic Cell Death”

Grants to Support Postdoctoral Training and Collaborative Research (last 5 years)

2002 - 2004 International Fellowship award from NIH NINDS/WHO to support postdoctoral fellow Gregory Borisenko (Russia).
2007 Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award Application for grant proposal entitled, “Oxidative stress in regional cerebral blood flow alterations after cardiac arrest” of Dr. Mioara D. Manole.