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When we started this site back in early 1996, there was hardly anything available by or on Franz Kafka. This has changed significantly. The person who is keeping track much better than anybody else we know is Detlef Wilske -- go to his trove of links! It is in German, but it's easy to find one's way around.


by Individuals
Franz Kafka Photo Album webmastered by Yacov Eckel. We never linked to his site because in 1996 he had all the pictures on one page and it took hours to download. Now he makes great use of frames, and it is a real pleasure to leave through the family pics. (language: English)

Kafka in the Libyrinth is a beautifully designed and very comprehensive site dedicated to--guess who? It is under construction, but when we checked it, the air was filled with dust from the construction site telling us that they work pretty hard over there. language: English

Kafka-Page by Jens on the Web. Short, but aesthetically a nice treat. language: German

There's always someone who was there before you: Robert Daeley's Franz Kafka: a good starting point language: English

Joseph K's Franz Kafka Homepage has been there for a while, too. It has some links worthwile visiting. language: English

Kafka-land, an almost autistic site featuring tons of texts by Kafka in the English translation. Typed in and uploaded by P.M. Morin. language: English

La Pagina de Franz Kafka, Luis Rada's hommage to Franz Kafka, for him "el autor mas importante del siglo XX." Some interesting entries in his guestbook. language: Spanish

Uma viagem pela vida e obra de Kafka, Alexander Thoele's Kafka-site. A short biography, a bibliography, translations of short texts by Kafka, and an essay about a visit to Kafka's Prague by A. Thoele. language: Portuguese

The Franz Kafka Tribute Page contains short original texts, some photographs, etc. Note the cluster of Kafka's own illustrations to The Process. language: English

Other smaller sites include Franz Kafka by Katharena Eiermann language: English and The Casa de Kafka by Doug Schules language: English,


by Organizations
The Dutch Franz Kafka Circle has a website with information about their own activities (symposia, quarterly [one of the few special Kafka periodicals in the world!], series, contacts with other Kafka societies [Philadelphia, Vienna, Prague, and South-Korea). Under construction is an extensive secondary bibliography, so check back! Actually, they are the first ones with a link to our page! Thank you! languages: English, German, Dutch

The Kafka Society of America's site doesn't offer anything but basic information about itself. Visit the site if you have a scholarly interest in getting in touch with a Kafka Society which is allied with the Modern Language Association of America (MLA). language: English

Critical Writings
and Comments
Franz Kafka: Die Erzählungen. Ein Seminarbericht Essays on Kafka's short fiction resulting from a course at the Albert Ludwig university in Freiburg, Germany. Abstracts and papers. language: German; some abstracts in English

Medical Humanities comments on

Ein Landarzt (A Country Doctor)
Ein Hungerkünstler (A Hunger Artist)
In der Strafkolonie (In the Penal Colony)
Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis)
Bericht an eine Akademie (A Report to an Academy)

Constructing Kafka
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last updated: 24 March 1997