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Thank you for stopping by at our Franz Kafka site. This site is a project started by participants of the spring 1996 Franz-Kafka graduate seminar taught by Dr. Clark Muenzer at the German department of the University of Pittsburgh.

We haven't had the time to apply a lot of changes lately, neither have we answered a lot of the email we've received. I hope that this will change soon - let's say my March 1998 there should be new material on this site...

We offer:

Kafka's Biography (we are soliciting writers for a more personalized account beyond the basic dates and facts!)

Kafka's own library

A Bibliography of Franz Kafka's Own Works

Teaching Kafka (Lack of enthusiasm of Kafka teachers has caused this section to remain quite small. If you want to help us to change that, please go ahead!)

Kafka on the Web (hyperlinks)

Texts available on the web (links and hyperlinks)
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Papers, Reports, Trivia, and Curiosa around Franz Kafka (links and hyperlinks) (05 May 1997)

Sources used in creation of the site.

We appreciate any comments and suggestions. Therefore you can send us an e-mail from every page of our site. And here are some of the comments we received from people like you (the ones we liked most and the ones we despised most):

Feedback We Received (Comments, criticism, ideas,...)

Kafka's crows (the makers of and contributors to this site)

Why is this site
predominantly in

The real answer to the above question is that by using English we can serve the most people on the Internet. Period.

Kafka is internationally known, and you wouldn't believe from which parts of the world we receive desperate mails from people who seek help on a paper on Franz Kafka! (Sorry, we are only students ourselves and no experts on Kafka, really, and we have our own papers to write, so we cannot help you more than we have done, presumably, by creating and maintaining this site! And we are unable to host a Kafka listserv mailinglist as well, even though we think that people would be interested.)

Anyway, the text we had here initially about Kafka not being a German author fueled some interesting comments which can be found (together with the old text) on the comments-page.

Franz Kafka and his crows appreciate your comments!
last updated: 26 January 1998

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