What's coming up NExT?


The Spring 2012 workshop will be on Friday, April 13 before the section meeting begins, with lunch at 12:30 and the NExT program beginning at 1:30pm. The NExT workshop is titled Extreme Calculus" and will be presented by MAA President Paul Zorn (see abstract/bio below).


Allegheny Mountain Section NExT welcomes our current and previous members, as well as any new faculty members in the Section! If you have been with your department for more than six years, a small donation is appreciated. For more information about Section NExT or the Fall Workshop, contact Tami Lakins (tlakins@allegheny.edu) or John Thompson (jwt01@pitt.edu).

Workshop title: Extreme calculus

Abstract: There is more to elementary calculus than may first meet the eye, especially to those of us who teach it again and again. With appropriate help from graphical, numerical, and algebraic computing, well-worn calculus techniques and topics---polynomials, optimization, root-finding, methods of integration, and more---often point to deeper, more general, more interesting, and sometimes surprising mathematical ideas and techniques. I'll illustrate my thesis with figures, examples, and a lot of e-calculation, aiming to take elementary calculus to its interesting extremes.

Bio: Paul Zorn is a professor of mathematics at St. Olaf College. Zorn's professional interests include complex analysis, mathematical exposition, textbook writing, and the role of mathematics among the liberal arts. He is also interested in using computer graphics and computer algebra systems to help students learn and explore mathematical ideas. His 1986 paper "The Bieberbach Conjecture" was awarded the 1987 Carl B. Allendoerfer Award for mathematical exposition. He has co-authored several textbooks with his St. Olaf colleague, Arnold Ostebee, including Calculus From Numerical, Graphical, and Symbolic Points of View, 2nd edition (two volumes, 2001) and Multivariable Calculus From Numerical, Graphical, and Symbolic Points of View (2002). His most recent book is Understanding Real Analysis (AK Peters, 2010). Zorn has served on many MAA committees and programs over the years. From 1996 to 2000, he was Editor of MAA's expository journal Mathematics Magazine. In 2008 and 2009 he served as chair of MAA's Council on Publications. He currently serves as President of the MAA.

Questions about the Section NExT program should be directed to one of the Co-Coordinators: Tamara Lakins (tlakins@allegheny.edu), Beverly Michael (bkm@pitt.edu), or John Thompson (jwt01@pitt.edu).