John H. Manley

Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering
Director, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program (MSEP)
Strategic project management, and systems engineering of enterprise-wide
interactive human and technical systems
Ph.D. in Operations Research and Systems Management Engineering
University of Pittsburgh, 1971

Professor Manley joined the Industrial Engineering Department in 1987 and immediately accepted the challenge of developing the School of Engineering's first interdisciplinary M.S. degree program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Prior to that he was the first Director of Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute and also Professor of Strategy and Information Systems in their Graduate School of Industrial Administration. Academically, he has also been a visiting Professor in Systems Management Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University and Professorial Lecturer in quantitative methods for eight years in the George Washington University College of Business Administration. In addition to his current faculty position, he is also Chairman, President and CEO of Computing Technology Transition, Inc, a.k.a. CTTI, and Board Member Emeritus of Concurrent Technologies Corporation.

His industry experience includes positions as Vice President for Engineering and Technology, Nastec Corporation; Corporate Executive and Director of Programming Applied Technology, ITT Corporation; Assistant to the Director of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; and Director of Software Policy for Air Force Systems Command, his last assignment of a 20- year Air Force career. He is a former Director of  ICONNEX Corporation; Advisory Board Member to Tartan Laboratories, Inc.; Member of the National Research Council; and President or Board Member of several civic, social and religious organizations.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Manley has been dedicated to making constructive changes in the strategic direction and management of a wide variety of enterprises, with a technical emphasis on organizational development, project management, and large-scale, real-time information systems improvement.  He has been instrumental in successfully starting up industry, government,  not-for-profit, and university organizations, and in helping others do the same.

Professor Manley holds a Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering degree from Cornell University, M.S. in Industrial Engineering and  Operations Research, and Ph.D. in Operations Research and Systems Management Engineering, both graduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.

His current research interests include continuous improvement of manufacturing and service enterprises, with emphasis on
macro-modeling and reengineering enterprise-wide information systems which support an interacting mixture of people, embedded computers, and machines.

Selected Recent Publications (Single author unless otherwise noted)

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Dr. John H. Manley
1044 Benedum Hall
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Telephone: (412) 624-9846
Facsimile: (412) 624-9831