Welcome to my personal Web page!

My name is Pa: Jidapa Kraisangka.I was awarded the scholarship from Mahidol University (Thailand) in order to pursue Master's and Ph.D degree at School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh. My advisor is Dr. Marek J. Druzdzel.

It was a great opportunity that I can join the iSchool at University of Pittsburgh which is recognized as a reputable department for the advancement of information science research and professional specialization. After my Ph.D.graduation, I would like to contribute the knowledge and skills that I acquire to help drive Thai education and research forward. My ultimate goal is to be a researcher and a professor in information technology at Mahidol Univerisity. I will be able to contribute my knowledge to benefit future generations, and to improve the quality of Thailand’s IT workforce and technology.

Jidapa Kraisangka
Clinical Decision Support System, Data Analytic, Data Mining, Medical and Healthcare system, Data Visualization