ANTH 1606 Fossil and Living Primates

Course Description
Undergraduate Seminar. This is an in-depth survey of non-human primates, focusing on the major groups of fossil and living forms and particular important representatives of these groups. The course will begin with a lecture/lab format, in which the class will learn the details of relevant anatomical regions across an array of mammals. Students will also have the opportunity to describe casts of specimens of fossil and extant primates in order to gain first-hand experience in what such studies entail. The lectures will consist of reviewing the various primate groups from the perspective of comparative anatomy, phylogeny, and systematics. Students will submit a paper based on their primate descriptions. There will be a midterm and a final. 

Handouts, links and more will follow as the semester proceeds.

Course Syllabus

Primate Hands and Feet
The Skull (terminology and illustrations)