ANTH 1602 Human Skeletal Analysis

Course Description:
A lecture and lab course applicable to students of varied interests. Lectures cover such topics as skeletal growth and development (from the fetus through aged adult); dental and skeletal pathologies; criteria for determining the sex and age of individuals; the importance of morphological variations as populational markers; skeletal alteration; and lab techniques, such as measuring and reconstructing skeletal remains. Students must learn the human skeleton in detail. One text will be used. Gray's Anatomy (now in paperback) or another anatomy text would be a helpful supplement, but none is required. A two part midterm will consist of 1) short essays; 2) identification of skeletal fragments. The term project, resulting in a term paper, will be the reconstruction and analysis of one or more individuals from excavated burials. The final exam will be an oral examination based on the project as well as course topics. No recitations but the student should plan on spending as much time as possible in lab; at least 8 hours/week is recommended. (Registration in one lab is required, but all lab sessions are available to the student). "

Copy of Syllabus

Copy of Syllabus (Fall 2007)

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