Data from Ganger & Brent 2004 (PDF file)

Some comments

The following data files are the RAW DATA (not smoothed, etc., as described in the paper) that the analyses in Ganger & Brent 2004 are based on.
*Within each row, each entry is the number of NEW words reported each day for that child. We transformed this into a rate of new words per day (calculated over a 9-day moving window) for the analyses reported in the paper.
*The x character is used to represent missing days. Note that x's are separated by spaces, while regular numerical entries are separated by tabs.
*Each child's data is on a new row. Each row is in REVERSE chronological order (i.e., the first entry represents the last day of data collection).
*In our analysis, the last 14 days of data are removed; those days ARE INCLUDED in these raw data files.
*For reasons I don't understand now, there is one child included in the noun analysis (Table 2) (child 204a) who was not in the first analysis (Table 1). I think Table 2 should be a proper subset of Table 1, so I don't understand why we did that. 204a is included in the second file below anyway, since that reflects the data we used for the published analysis.


created/updated 10/15/04
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raw data text file for exper. 1, analysis 1 (Table 1 data)
raw data text file for exper. 1, analysis 2--nouns only (Table 2 data)