January 16, 2008

Dear all,

Alas, when we made up the schedule of classes, one of us (John N.) overlooked that the University is closed on Monday January 21 for the observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday. So we have had to make some adjustments.

1. There will be no lecture or recitation on Monday January 21 (of course!).

2. The test scheduled for the following Wednesday January 23 WILL go ahead. The test will be in the first 15 minutes and will consist of 3-4 questions requiring answers of a few sentences each. The material examinable is the content of the chapter "Special Relativity: the Basics" (excluding relativity of simultaneity) and Assignment 2. Principle of Relativity.

3. Assignment 3. Relativity of Simultaneity will be due Mon. Jan 28/ Tues. Jan 29.

4. While the two Monday recitations will not meet, the Tuesday recitations will meet. There will be no formal agenda. They can be used for revision and preparation for the test. Space permitting, students from the cancelled Monday recitations may visit a Tuesday recitation if they wish.

Sorry for the confusion!

John Norton
Bryan Roberts