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Theories of Confirmation
Spring 2010                                     Credit:____        Audit:____


Principal Accounts of Induction
Inductive Generalization
__ Enumerative Induction
__ Hempel's Satisfaction Criterion
__ Mill's Methods
__ Glymour's bootstrap
__ Demonstrative Induction
(Newtonian deduction from the phenomena)
Hypothetical Induction
__ Exclusionary accounts. Error statistical methods.
__ Simplicity
(Akaike, BIC)
__ Abduction: Inference to the best explanation
__ Inference to a common cause
__ Reliabilism
Probabilistic Induction
__ A Bayes' primer
__ Bayesian success stories
__ Subjective Bayesianism
(big topic)
__ Objective Bayesianism
(big topic)
__ Probability disassembled
__ Extended Bayesianism (convex sets, interval valued probabilities, improper priors, Jeffrey's conditionalization)
Arguing for Bayesianism
__ Dutch book arguments
__ Function theoretic representation theorems
__ Decision theoretic representation theorems
__ Loss functions
Arguing against Bayesianism
__ Not the universal theory
__ Problem of old evidence
Problems of Induction
__ The Problem of induction
(aka Hume's problem)
__ Grue
__ Underdetermination
__ Hempel's Raven
__ Observationally indistinguishable spacetimes
More Bayesian Topics
__ Likelihoodism
(Bayes without priors)
__ Limit theorems
__ Measures of coherence
(Bovens and Hartmann)
__ Measures of incremental support
__ The conjunction fallacy
(Linda the bank teller)
__ Measures of explanatory power
Gotcha's in Probability
__ The exchange paradox
__ The doomsday argument
__ Sleeping beauty
__ De Finetti's lottery
Evidential Case Studies
__ Evidence for evolution
__ Newton's argument for universal gravitation
__ The electron
___Your suggestions?
__ Material Theory of Induction
__ Ranking theory
__ Hume's argument against miracles
__ Confirmation theory and the learning theoretic paradigm
Your Suggestions
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