HPS 1702 Junior/Senior Seminar for HPS Majors
HPS 1703 Writing Workshop for HPS Majors

Schedule Spring term 2014

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WeekDate Topic Class discussion Reading for this week Assignments due this week
1 6 January Introduction

Philosophy of Science: the point of intractability.
Introduce yourself. Point of Intractability.  
2 13 January History of Science: sources and context.
Your example of a point of intractability. (As background: John D. Norton, "Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and the Problems in the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies that Led him to it.") 1. A Point of Intractability.
  20 January No classes. Martin Luther King Day.      
3 27 January A little survey of inductive inference.
Evidence for the Basic Principles of Science
Your example of a historical correction. John D. Norton, "A Little Survey of Induction".

Evidence for the Basic Principles of Science
2. An Historical Correction.
4 3 February Enumerative Induction.
Curie's induction.
The material theory of induction.
Your example of an enumerative induction. Sections 1 and 2 only of John D. Norton, A Survey of Inductive Generalization.

1. The Material Theory of Induction Stated and Illustrated.This is chapter 1 of a book draft and uses Curie's induction on the crystal structure of radium chloride as its central case.
3. An Enumerative Inductive Inference

A. Short history of science paper
5 10 February Reproducibility of Experiment
Repeatability and Reproducibility
Four case studies
Your example of reproducibility. 3. Reproducibility of Experiment 4. An Example of Reproducibility
6 17 February


Your example of an analogy. 4. Analogy

5 An Analogy

7 24 February Simplicity.
Your example of simplicity. 6. Simplicity as a Surrogate. 6. Simplicity

B. Long history of science paper.
8 3 March Scholarly publishing.

The discipline.

Giving a talk.
The experience of peer review.  

7. Peer Review

C. Short philosophy of science paper.

10 March Spring recess.    
9 17 March Presentations.
Everyone: 5 minute warm up presentation.

Prepare 5 minute presentation.
One page pdf screen.

D. Synthesis sketch

10 24 March Presentations.
1. Simon Brown
2. Colette McNeela
3. Casey Allen
4. Gina Droeder
Questions to presenters. Guidelines.  
11 31 March Presentations.
1. James Urban
2. Ron Chunn, Jr
3. Maggie Klee
4. Michael Arkwright
Questions to presenters. Guidelines    
12 7 April Presentations.
1. Gregory Simchick
2. Kira Landauer
3. David Palm
4. Sean Champagne
5. Michael Arkwright
Questions to presenters. Guidelines   E. First draft of term paper. Swap draft with your assigned editor.
13 14 April Presentations.
1. Alex Kruszewski
2. Beverly Hersh
3. Christina Mihok
4. Natalie Boyanovsky
5. Kristen Rogers

Questions to presenters. Guidelines

14 18 April, Last day class       F. Final, revised version of term paper due Friday April 18.

John D. Norton, Spring 2014