I have a passion for clean water. This passion in turn leads to developing clean energy because power generation uses the most water of any industrial activity on the planet.

Research Project Management Philosophy:

Enable people to do their work, encourage creativity, ensure deliverables are accomplished on-time and within budget, and do everything possible to keep team members healthy and happy.



Ph.D. Chemistry 2005, The Pennsylvania State University

Advisor: P. S. Weiss

BS. Biochemistry, 1998,Union

Advisors: Mary Carroll and Tom Werner


Select Publications

O. Vazquez, X. Pu, J. D. Monnell, and R. D. Neufeld,#  “"Major processes dominating the release of aluminum from smectite clays when leached with Acid Rock Drainage" Environmental Engineering Science Accepted for Publication (9/30/2010).


H.Li, M.-K. Hsieh, S.-H. Chien, J. D. Monnell, D.A. Dzombak, R.D. Vidic, “Control of mineral scale deposition in cooling systems using secondary-treated municipal wastewater”. Water Research Water Research, 45 (2): 748-760 (2011)


M.K. Hsieh, H. Li, S.H. Chien, J. D. Monnell, I. Chowdhury, D. A. Dzombak, R. D. Vidic ”Corrosion control when using secondary treated municipal wastewater as alternative makeup for cooling tower systems” Water Environment Research, 82(12): 2346-2356 (2010)


J. D. Monnell, J. J. Stapleton, S. M. Dirk, J. M. Tour, D. L. Allara, and P. S. Weiss, “Relative Conductances of Alkaneselenolate and Alkanethiolate Monolayers on Au{111}.” J. Phys. Chem. B, 109, (43), 20343-20349 (2005).


Z. J. Donhauser, B. A. Mantooth, K. F. Kelly, L. A. Bumm, J. D. Monnell, J. J. Stapleton, D. W. Price Jr., D. L. Allara, J. M. Tour, and P. S. Weiss. “Conductance Switching in Single Molecules through Conformational Changes.” Science 292, 2303-2307 (2001).

Curriculum vitae


Courses Taught:

CEE 2511 — Advanced Environmental Analysis

             Topics covered include: acquiring and handling field samples, chain of custody, analytical methods, technical writing, data interpretation and presentation to professionals.


CEE2501: Environmental Chemistry. 

             Topics covered include: kinetics, thermodynamics, acid/base, complexation, redox, electrochemistry, disinfection, corrosion and special topics of modern concern.


Teaching Philosophy



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