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Welcome to the Earth Processes & Environmental Flows (EPEF) group at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh. My research group combines fundamental and applied research topics. Fundamental topics include: mechanics of sediment transport, high-resolution description of hydrodynamic and morphodynamics in subaerial and submarine meandering channels, dynamics of anabranching rivers, long-term prediction of river morphodynamics, development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models for environmental flows, environmental hydrodynamics, and transport and mixing processes. Applied topics include: river restoration, bank protection using instream-structures, development of GIS-tools for river management, development of CFD models for hydraulic structures (e.g. dropshafts and fish-passage canoe-chutes).

The EPEF research group seeks understanding of geophysical processes in laboratory-scale (theoretical, physical experiments, and numerical approaches) and field-scale (theoretical, numerical and field work). More about our current and past projects, see the link Research.

We perform research at different spatial (from small streams all the way up to field measurements in the Amazon River),temporal (from engineering to geological) scales.

CREAR (Center for Research and Education of the Amazonian Rainforest) is developing:
[1] two-week short courses in Spanish (CREAR-ED-SPA) and Engllish (CREAR-ED-ENG),
[2] have organized international conferences (e.g. Tropical Rivers 2012, RCEM 2015),
[3] organizing scientific expeditions along the Amazon basin, and
[4] performing hydrodynamic and morphodynamic research in the Amazonian Rivers. Please feel free to contact me for more information!

Jorge D. Abad
Phone: (412) 624-4399
Fax: (412) 624-0135
Office: 731 Benedum


News (Page updated: 02/01/2015):
[1] Center for Research and Education for the Amazonian Rainforest (CREAR,
[2] 2015 River Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics (RCEM), Iquitos, Peru. This conference has been previously organized in Italy, Japan, Spain, USA, The Netherlands, and China.

[3] The Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory's website:
[4] Software for Meandering River evolution is public
[5] Dr. Abad is faculty advisor for Plus3 Chile Program, Blog Chile2011, Blog Chile2012, Blog Chile2013
[6] Dr. Abad is the instructor of: ENGR1623/2623: Engineering for a better environment: Brazil
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