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Welcome to the homepage of the International Sociology Reviews (ISR). This bi-annual journal is published by the International Sociological Association (ISA) with the mission of presenting reviews of recently published sociological books. Most generally, the journal's aim is to serve as a venue for reviewing different types of materials of interest to an international community of sociologists.


The launching of the two bi-annual issues of International Sociology Reviews (ISR) is no less than a bid to rekindle the sociological imagination, in particular by contributing to the further development of sociology as a global, and thus richly diverse and lively discipline. How social processes can be explicated under widely different political, economic, and historical conditions has become an inescapable theoretical and practical concern in a world where the free movement of people, goods, and techniques is being promoted or demanded as a basic principle of global life, and where "global society," albeit hazy in its feature, has entered our parlance.


The journal issues are an opportunity to examine whether, and in what way, perspectives on sociology as a science and on human experiences of the social are shaped by structures and worldviews developed in different areas of the planet. ISR therefore reviews sociological work produced in languages other than English.


All prospective reviewers are asked to contact the editor before writing their reviews or review essays, which would otherwise be largely solicited. They are also asked to adhere to the basic elements of our mandate, listed below:


Please follow the guidelines for submitting reviews. 
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