Events 2009

a celebration, a showcase, and an opportunity
April 1, 2, & 3, 2009


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Luncheon                                                          slide show

featuring Thomas Reinsel (BSIS ’90, MST ’91)

Thomas Reinsel, BSIS ’90 and MST ’91, offered the keynote address at the annual i-fest luncheon on Wednesday, April 1. Mr. Reinsel, who currently serves as Executive-in-Residence at Sewickley Oak Capital, discussed how his education at the iSchool prepared him to work in the IT management field, what skills future IT workers will need, and the technology-related sectors with the most potential for growth. Tom encouraged students to polish not only their technical abilities, but to foster their communications and interpersonal skills.

This presentation was extremely timely, as there is a huge growth potential in the IT sector. Tom noted that projections indicated a 45% shortfall in staffing, reflecting the retirement of the Baby Boomers. This will change the complexion of the industry, particularly when combined with the streamlining of operations in light of economic stresses.  Now, graduates of programs such as those at the iSchool will be expected to manage outsourcing, to manage fast-changing technology in a cost-effective manner, and to manage people whether they are employees or clients.

Mr. Reinsel brings a wealth experience to these types of presentations as he has held a leadership position as a strategist and visionary in the IT management industry since 1992.  After his graduation from the iSchool, he worked for Eli Lilly and Company in various analyst roles and team leader positions focusing on process alignment and IT infrastructure management decisions. From July 1997 through May 2007, Tom founded, grew, and organically sold a $30 million technology consulting firm (Pepperweed) that achieved the number one position with Hewlett-Packard as a software and consulting partner in North America. At Sewickley Oak Capital, he focuses on strategy and growth advisement for early stage technology companies.

The iSchool thanks Tom Reinsel for sharing his time and expertise during the i-fest luncheon.  He provided an amazing opportunity for students to learn more about the IT management field, as well as the necessary skills and abilities for success in this ever-evolving field.

Amazing Information Race                               slide show

The IS Library was definitely the place to be on Wednesday afternoon. More than 30 students participated in the Amazing Information Race, proving their information retrieval skills and showing off their decorating abilities!  All those who completed the information retrieval challenge were entered into a drawing for 8GB flash drives.  The final question of the Race led you back to the IS Library where the daunting…and really fun…cupcake decorating contest took place. Thanks to Lisa Campbell of the ULS (and master baker), there were delicious cupcakes sans icing. Then, each Race participant decorated their cupcake and entered another prize-winning contest for the Best Decorated Cupcake. Icing was flying and the contestants were determined to create a cupcake masterpiece. 

Want to see the fun? Click on the slide show to see the culinary masterpieces and the Amazing Race contestants in action!

Winners in the Amazing Information Race Information Retrieval Challenge:
1.    Saman Taghavi Zargar
2.    Anthony Micchelli
3.    Andri Cherniak
4.    Amirreza Masoumzadeh
5.    Samantha LeBlanc
6.    Juliet Drennan
7.    Martin de Jongh
8.    Bailey Shahidi

Winners in the Cupcake Decorating Challenge:
1.    Michelle Crouch
2.    Emily Knorr
3.    Hassan Takabi

Thanks go to the AMAZING staff at the IS Library who made this i-fest event a huge success:

Elizabeth Mahoney
Lisa Campbell
David Frank
John Paul Mahofsky
Clare Withers.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poker Night                                                         slide show

The first annual i-fest Poker Night was a HUGE success! More than 35 students showed up to master the fine art of Texas Hold 'Em! Dr. Paul Munro led a brief tutorial and then the competition began in earnest. By the end of the evening, three winners had emerged. But really, everyone won as they learned to play the game, to bet, and to bluff! Our Poker Night winners were:

First Prize: Lidan Huang -- Gift Certificate to Big Burrito Restaurants

Second Prize: Brad Schaefer -- Digital Photo Frame

Third Prize: Ashish Jain -- 8 GB Flash Drive

Thanks to Paul Munro, Stephen Hirtle, and our student poker "tutors!"


Friday, April 3, 2009

Poster Competition                                               slide show

Every year, the iSchool hosts a poster competition as part of the i-fest festivities. Each year, we think our students produce outstanding posters, explaining their research. This year, 20 students showcased their work -- both preliminary and completed -- to the more than 30 attendees. Each poster was judged on the content, the originality of the work, the skill of the presenter and the potential of the research. Our judges had a very difficult time narrowing the field down to only three winners. But, there had to be winners and they are:

Non-PhD Track

First Prize -- #5 -- James Conrad (James Joshi, advisor)

Second Prize -- #20 -- Zhao Zhao (James Joshi, advisor)

Third Prize -- #19 -- Harrison Behl (Bernadette Callery)


PhD Track

First Prize -- # 3 -- Mark Voortman, (Marek Druzdel, advisor)

Second Prize -- #21 -- Michael Yudelson (Peter Brusilovsky, advisor)

Third Prize -- #16 -- Yiling Lin, (Peter Brusilovsky & Daqing He, advisors).

First Prize was a 32 GB iPod Touch; the Second Place winner received an iPod Nano; and Third Prize winners received a Best Buy gift certificate.

Thanks to our Poster Competition Organizers: Daqing He and Marek Druzdzel. Our gratitude to our judges as well: James "Kip" Currier, Roger Flynn, Vladimir Zadorozhny, and Martin Weiss.


List of submitted posters