Get ready ... i-fest is coming!!!

April 3-6, 2013

i-Fest 2013 was a huge success!  Thanks to our sponsors, FedEx and US Steel, for supporting this celebration of the i-School. Thanks, too, to all of our judges and participants who made each and every event fun! We hope that you enjoyed the festivities and that you’ll plan to be a part of i-Fest 2014!

Poster Competition -- photos


PhD Track

1st Place
Pei-Ju Julian Lee, Efficient Information Fusion System for Historical Data

2nd Place
Kunjie Xu, A Framework for Scalable Time Dependent Modeling and Optimal Control of Multihop Wireless Networks

3rd Place – A Tie!
Claudia López, How to Maintain Enough Content in a Local Social System? An Examination of Physical Bulletin Boards


Zhen Yue, Where Do the Query Terms Come from? An Analysis of Query Reformulation in Collaborative Web Search.

Master’s Track

2nd Place
Ruth Neely, ICT Youth Literacy Programs

Professional Engagement Fair - photos

Bots and Books Design Challenge - photos

1st Place: Team Ariadne

Jinyuan Liu (MSIS)
Lei Cai (MSIS)

For interpretation of the story “Little Ida’s Flower” by Hans Christian Andersen

2nd Place: Team Eye to Eye

Kat Joshua (MLIS)
Stephanie Rudisill (MLIS)

For interpretation of the story “Giraffes Can't Dance” by Giles Andreae

3rd Place: Team Victorious

Sara Eckelberry (MLIS)
Victoria Winfree (MLIS)
Molly Troy (MLIS)

For interpretation of the story “The Three Little Pigs”.

Mobile App Design Challenge - photos

1st Place: Ric Fera (BSIS)

App description:
CE Admit and CE Agent are complementary services comprising a novel smart phone accessible cloud-based database that streamlines and simplifies the paper-based continuing education (CE) compliance and tracking process. This suite can be used by all licensed professionals who require tracking of the CE credits (i.e. nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, etc.).

2nd Place: Filipe Silvestre (BSIS) and Mike DeAngelis (BSIS)

App description:
This app allows users to expedite billing inquiry and payment calls.  Account information is stored in the app, and when users call to query their account or make a payment, stored account navigation information is recalled and used to move the user quickly through phone navigation choices.

Helicopter Drone Flying Challenge - photos

1st place: Team aHa!

Junkai Gao (MSIS)
Yangbin Li (MSIS)
Qihao Zhang (MSIS)

2nd place: Team Nameless

Nikhil Vaidya (MST)
Omkar Ghag (MST)
Varun Bobhate (MST)