Photo of John Goldsmith conducting

"Remembering JG" Submission Form

For those people whose lives have been touched by John Goldsmith's long musical career, we have opened an online submission form to let you submit your memories of JG. These memories will then be posted to a private blog for the Goldsmith family, to remember JG and his legacy.

Memorial Service for John Goldsmith ("JG")

The memorial service for John Goldsmith (Heinz Chapel Choir director, 1989-2014) will be held on Friday, February 24 at 11:00am at the Heinz Memorial Chapel.

Heinz Chapel Choir alums are invited to join the current members of HCC in singing "Brother James's Air." Please download the sheet musicfor it, and join us in singing praises to JG's legacy on February 24.

Some musical notes on Brother James' Air (and on the memorial service itself):

Since we won't have an opportunity to rehearse "Brother James's Air" before we gather to sing it to honor JG on Friday, here are a few reminders about markings in the score:
  1. Verses 1 and 2 are marked piano for everyone
  2. Remember to lift only when you see the punctuation, so that the text makes sense:
    • In Verse 1: carry between "lie" and "in", and lift after "green"
    • In Verse 2: lift after "Blessedness"
  3. Tenors & Basses have the melody in Verse 3; Sopranos and Altos are marked piano until "Thy Rod and Staff..."
  4. Sopranos have the melody in Verse 4 (marked mp), so please sing "Loo" instead of "Ah" in Alto/Tenor/Bass in Verse 4 so that we're certain to hear the Soprano text
Elaine would like the alums to come forward to stand on either side of HCC and out into the side aisles as needed to sing this. It's going to be beautiful. See you all on Friday.

The Passing of John Goldsmith

We are deeply saddened to report the passing of John Goldsmith on Thursday, February 2. John joined the Music Department faculty in 1989 and served for a quarter century as the beloved director of the Heinz Chapel Choir and teacher of musicianship. He was the advisor for undergraduate music majors for many years. John is an indelible part of the lives and memories of thousands of Pitt students, faculty, staff, and alums.

Immediately upon his arrival, he set about rebuilding the role of the Heinz Chapel Choir in the University. He quickly restored it as the University’s preeminent student ensemble through superb musicianship, resulting in packed concerts and international attention for the University. John led the students on singing tours of Europe, South America, and Asia, sharing news and photos through daily Internet updates. A native of Westerville, Ohio, he is remembered for his wit, his passion for the ensemble, as well as for the many ways in which he shared his superb musical talents. He will be greatly missed. We extend our deepest sympathies to John’s wife, Elaine, and to the rest of his family.

For more information on John Goldsmith and his incredible impact on the greater Pittsburgh community, please visit the following links: