2013–2014 Members

Email addresses are in the form [username]@pitt.edu
Members new in Fall 2013 are marked with an asterisk (*), and in Spring 2014 with two (**).
  1. Natalie Antypas, A1/Sr., nea18
  2. Maura Barker, S1/Fr.*, mtb51
  3. Sophia Barboza, A2/So., msb71
  4. Cody Baxter, T2/Sr., cnb22
  5. Ian Bricker, T1/So.
  6. Jonathan Budd, B1/Jr., jjb122
  7. Alex Burval, B2/So., akb53
  8. Kelly Cahill, A1/So., kmc152
  9. Emily Collins, A1/Sr., emc61
  10. Mary Cooper, S2/Jr.*, mvc20
  11. Marc DeBoeser
  12. Billy Dixon, T2/So.*, wtd6
  13. Jesse Dubin, B2/So., jsd35
  14. Elizabeth Farris*
  15. Kathryn Feehan, A1/So., kcf10
  16. Alex Finkel, B1/So., alf113
  17. Andrea Groves, S2/So., asg51
  18. Christopher Henderson, B1/Sr., cwh20

  19. Ryan Hestin, B2/Sr., rph12
  20. Christina Hlutkowski, A2/Jr., coh21
  21. Daria Jarani, A1/Sr., dij6
  22. Mahir Khan, T1/Sr., mak219
  23. Dylan Klein-Denk, T1/Sr., dtk12
  24. Janara Koehler, S1/Jr., jsk51
  25. Will Kottcamp, B1/Jr., whk5
  26. Matt Kuhl, B2/So., mrk52
  27. Alison Laessig, S1/So.*, aal38
  28. Kevin Lang, T2/Jr., kel77
  29. Trevor Leong, B2/Jr., trl27
  30. Xiaolin Liu, A2/So., xil104
  31. Ryan Mackley, B2/Sr., rym9
  32. Emily Mancino, S2/Jr., ekm24
  33. Jesse McCarthy, T2/Jr.*, jwm72
  34. Shannon McCaully, S2/Jr., sem128
  35. Katie McClenny, S2/Sr.*, kfm20
  36. Ava Myers, S1/So., aam97

  37. Nick Oberlies, T1/Jr., nro6
  38. Kim Padovani, A2/Jr., kap134
  39. Taia Pandolfi, A2/So., tmp50
  40. Kristofer Pomiecko, B2/So.*, kjp39
  41. Stefan Poost, T1/So.*, msp46
  42. Ryan Ricarte, B1/Sr., rtr12
  43. Natalie Rogers, S1/Sr., nmr32
  44. Emily Rohrer, S1/Jr., ecr10
  45. Erin Sarosi, A1/So., ems188
  46. Charlie Schade, T2/So., cts23
  47. Daniel Snyder, B1/Fr.*, drs93
  48. Clare Stich, A2/Jr., ces84
  49. Mariah Streck, A2/Sr.*, mas38
  50. Lauryn Thomas, S2/Fr.*
  51. Brian Urbaniak, B1/So., bmu6
  52. Adam VanGorder, B1/So.*, ajv34
  53. Eric Weaver, T1/Sr., erw34
Dr. Susan Rice, director, srice1
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Voice Part Abbreviations: S1=Soprano I, S2=Soprano II, A1=Alto I, A2=Alto II, T1=Tenor I, T2=Tenor II, B1=Bass I, B2=Bass II
Class Year Abbreviations: Fr.=Freshman, So.=Sophomore, Jr.=Junior, Sr.=Senior, Gr.=Graduate Student

2014–2015 Officers

President Jonathan Budd, jjb122
Vice President Clare Stich, ces84
Business Mngr. Kevin Lang, kel77
Secretary Andrea Groves, asg51
Web Mngr. Trevor Leong, trl27
Personnel Mngr. Jesse McCarthy, jwm72
Wardrobe Mngr. Mary Cooper, mvc20
Stage Mngrs. Kathryn Feehan, kcf10
Lauryn Thomas
Librarians Erin Sarosi, ems188
Jesse Dubin, jsd35
Social Chairs Matt Kuhl, mrk52
Christina Hlutkowsky, coh21
Charlie Schade, cts23

Acceptable Use: Email addresses are provided for information of the University of Pittsburgh community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual members of the Heinz Chapel Choir. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions, or other responses from individuals listed in this publication by any means is strictly prohibited.