All about Henry Colberg
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All about Henry Colberg

An Engineering Student

With a passion for the Outdoors

What Types of companies hire engineers?

  1. Ford Motor Company
  2. Ford constantly requires the specialized skills of mechanical engineers to develop mechanical systems for its automobile assembly and testing processes.

    • Automobiles
    • Recreational Use
    • Save Gas milage
    • Luxury and Crash Resistant
      • Services
    • Everyday Trasportaion
    • Crash Cars
    • Design Fuel Efficent Systems
      • Job Conditions
    • Starting Wage aprox. 60k
    • May have to travel
    • Computer designing and Testing ideas
  3. Ranger Boats
  4. There are not as many job openings in Ranger but it would be pretty awsome to design and test a bass boat. Make it fast but strong enough to handel the motor torque, and the beating of the waves against the hull.

    • Bass Boats
    • Recreational Boats
    • Aluminum Boats
      • Services
    • Water Trasportaion
    • Recreational Activities
      • Job Conditions
    • Starting Wage aprox. 50k
    • Not many openings
    • Alot of computer designing and 3D printing