November 19, 2002
3:00-5:00 p.m. 817 C.L

I. Approval of Minutes
I attach the minutes of the meeting on October 15, 2001.  I also attach a list of committees and committee membership for 2002-2003.  Please email in advance of the meeting if you have changes to request or suggest.

II. Graduate and Professional Programs at the University of Pittsburgh
Sizeable numbers of this brochure, copies of which will be available at the meeting, has been distributed to graduate recruiters in various schools to enable them to respond to possible applicants  who want information about other programs at the University or do not have a clear idea of what program they want to pursue.

III. International Students and Recent Events:  New Challenges for Universities
David Clubb, Director of the Office of International Services, and Linda Gentile, Associate Director of the same office, will present an overview of changes in federal regulations and federal departments or agencies that may affect international students, administrators of graduate programs and the Office of International Services. The document,  Important Information for Faculty and Staff Working with International Students & Scholars, http://www.pitt.edu/~graduate/oisupdate.html was sent to all deans and directors and posted on the Graduate Studies web site, as an introduction to some of these changes.

IV. Status of ETD Project
The pilot ETD project ends with the December 2002 graduation.  After evaluation of the success of the pilot, the ETD Working Group recommends that we now enter a transition period, working toward all dissertations being submitted electronically.  They recommend that the last graduation where paper dissertations would be acceptable would be the April 2004 graduation.  All dissertations and theses submitted for August 2004 would be required to be in electronic format.

V. Academic Integrity
Dean Steve Phillips will present some new issues in the handling of breaches of academic integrity and has suggestions on how programs can educate their students about these issues.

VI. Annual Review of Off-Campus Programs
This item is held over from the October agenda.  I attached with the agenda of that meeting the annual review of the report of graduate programs offered on the Johnstown campus and a table showing the numbers of off-campus and distance education programs at the graduate level.  No action is required.