October 28, 2003
3:00-5:00 p.m. 817 CL 

I. Approval of Minutes
I attach the minutes of the meeting on September 30, 2003.

II. Proposal to Establish a ScD Program in Speech-Language Pathology
 A proposal to establish a ScD Program in Speech-Language Pathology in the School of  Health and Rehabilitation sciences was sent to you by mail on October 9th.  Please let us  know if you have not received it so that we can hand deliver you another copy.

As continuing Council members know, the upgrading of professional masters programs  in the health sciences to professional doctoral programs has occurred in several fields.  After a great deal of discussion, UCGS recently recommended approval of the  introduction of the Doctor of Audiology and the Doctor of  Physical Therapy in SHRS.   The Department of Communication Science and Disorders will continue to offer the MA,  MS and PhD degrees in Communication Science and Disorders.  Students can enter the  professional doctoral program after earning bachelors, masters or even the PhD degree.   Rather than proliferate the names of  professional doctoral degrees, the program proposes  that these students receive the ScD degree upon graduation.  I have attached Council’s  Working Document, Guidelines for the Review of Professional Doctoral Programs for  Practitioners, to assist you in your review.  Faculty from the program will be present to  answer questions.

III. Use of “Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency”
In review of the Graduate and Professional Bulletin and in consideration of how the test  is currently used, I recommend that the wording in the bulletin read:  Students with a  TOEFL score less that 600 (250 on the computer-based test) or less than 7.0 on the  IELTS must verify English language  proficiency prior to completing registration by  sitting for an additional Test of English Language Proficiency (TELP) administered  through the English Language Institute.  Individual schools and departments may  require  students with higher test scores to sit for this TELP.  Based on the test results, students  may be required by their academic department to take courses in English as a second  language as part of their graduate program.”  This replaces the requirement that students  with scores less than 650 must take the TELP.  We have referred to this test in past  documents as the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency, but this name is  incorrect.  Lois Wilson of the ELI will attend the meeting to assist me in answering  questions.