September 30, 2003
3:00-5:00 p.m. 817 CL

I. Approval of Minutes
I attach the minutes of the meeting on June 17, 2003.

II. Role of UCGS
Elizabeth Baranger will briefly discuss the role of UCGS in the governance of graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

III. Activities of Council in 2002-2003
Elizabeth Baranger will discuss the activities of UCGS during 2002-2003 and those activities that will continue into 2003-2004.  To assist in the discussion we will distribute at the meeting the Annual Report for 2002-2003.  This was mailed to all graduate faculty and you should have received it already.  The url is:  http://www.pitt.edu/~graduate/ucgsar2002.html.  The Committee’s web site (http://www.pitt.edu/~graduate/ucgs.html) has additional information on it.

IV. Status of the ETD Project
The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Project is one of the important on-going  initiatives of UCGS.  Elizabeth Baranger will give the background on why this project  started  and Carrie Sparks, Assistant to the Provost, will present a more detailed analysis  of how it is progressing.  I encourage you to look at actual ETDs at  http://etd.library.pitt.edu/ETD-db/ETD-search/search or at the ETD home page http://www.pitt.edu/~graduate/etd.  This page is in the process of being redesigned.
V. Future Activities of UCGS for 2002-2003
Elizabeth Baranger will present items that will be on the agenda of UCGS in 2003-2004.  These  include: ETD project, review of Elements of Good Academic Advising, revision of the UCGS  working document on certificates, and initiation of an award for good mentoring of doctoral students.   The committee structure of UCGS will be explained.  Any ideas  members have about new initiatives  or issues that need to be addressed should be brought up for discussion.  If possible, email me  your suggestions in advance of the meeting or phone to discuss them.



cc: Barbara Repasi Heron
 Carrie Sparks