I.                   Approval of Minutes

I attach the minutes of the meeting on April 19, 2005.


II.††††††† Annual Report of UCGS

I attach a copy of the annual report of UCGS.Our bylaws state that the University Council on Graduate Study is to communicate its decisions to the faculty, students, and administrative officers of the University annually. Traditionally we have done so by sending printed copies of the report to all 2000 members of the graduate faculty among others.I ask council to consider the alternative of posting this report on our Web site.


III.†††††† Admission standard for TOEFL Exam

At our March 15, 2005 meeting Timothy Thompson, Office of International Services, and Alan Juffs, Chair of the Department of Linguistics, joined us to discuss changes to the TOEFL and the establishment of minimum standards for the TOEFL at the University of Pittsburgh. We decided to defer a decision until the first meeting of the 2005-06 academic year.


III. ††††† Proposal to Establish a Master of Public Health Program in Public Health Policy & Management


I attach a proposal to establish a Master of Public Health Program in Public Health Policy & Management initiated by Dr. Judith Lave, Chair of the Department of Heath Policy and Management, and Dr. Wesley M. Rohrer, Assistant Chair of the Department of Health Management Education and supported by Dean Goldstein of the Graduate School of Public Health. The proposed program is a professional education program designed to prepare public health agency staff for managerial and leadership track positions, and to

provide a part-time Masterís degree option for other health professionals.One of the three tracks of the proposed MPH program is also intended to provide a foundation for the development of a health policy focused doctoral program.