April 13, 2004

I. Approval of Minutes
I attach the minutes of the meeting on February 17, 2004.

II. Proposal to Create Provostís Award for Excellence in Mentoring
This committee was formed following discussion at our first meeting in September.  I  attach a proposal presented by the UCGS ad hoc Doctoral Mentoring Award Committee,  chaired by Steve Husted.  This proposal recommends the initiation of up to four annual  awards to recognize excellence in mentoring done by faculty who supervise students  pursuing the Ph.D. degree.  It describes process and lists criteria.

III. Proposal to Establish a Cross-School Program in Computer Engineering
 I attach two proposals, one presented by Dean Holder, School of Engineering, and the other  by Dean Copper, Arts and Sciences, to establish a cross-school masters and doctoral program  in Computer Engineering.  The two proposals describe the same program.  Both have  identical requirements for both the masters and the PhD degree, identical list of graduate  courses to be cross-listed and an identical list of pre-approved elective courses.  A common  application procedure and common admission standard will be established and applicants  will be assigned to one school of the other based upon preference (for new students), the  source of financial aid, or upon the faculty appointment of their thesis or dissertation advisor.   The two proposals must be approved as a unit.  Representatives from the two schools will  attend the meeting to answer questions.

IV. Annual Report of the Chair of the Graduate and Professional Student Association  (GPSA)
Each year we request the chair of the GPSA to make an oral report to UCGS and to submit a  written report.  Paul Danczyk will present the report at this meeting.  This provides a means  for UGS to consider in the following year issues raised by students.

V. Proposal to Establish a Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program for  Practicing Physical Therapists
In April 2002, the University approved the initiation of a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)  Program to replace the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT), which was a demanding degree in  terms of credit requirements.  This program will provide practicing Physical Therapists the  opportunity to upgrade their existing entry-level professional degree to the DPT degree.   Representatives from the program will attend the meeting to answer questions.