February 17, 2004
3:00-5:00 p.m. 817 CL

I. Approval of Minutes
I attach the minutes of the meeting on January 20, 2004.

II. Proposal to Establish Joint Degrees between Business and Engineering
I attach a proposal to establish a joint degree program that would lead to a Master of  Business Administration (MBA) in the Katz Graduate School of Business (KGSB) and to  a Master of Science in one of six areas in engineering:  Bioengineering, Chemical  Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and  Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.  We approved a joint MBA/MS in Industrial  engineering last summer. The proposed programs are modeled after that one. Associate  Dean Larry Shuman (Engineering) and Executive Associate Dean (KGSB) Bob  Nachtmann will attend the meeting to answer questions.

III. Further Consideration of Name of Doctoral Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
While a very large majority of members voted to approve the name Doctor of Clinical  Science (CSciD), there were a few requests for discussion.  I attach the email from Lou  Pingel, which he submitted upon my request, and which explains his reasons for asking for a  discussion.

IV. Presentation of New Distance Education Technology
Dave Miller will give a demonstration (with the help of Nick Laudato from CIDDE) of the  new technology GSPIA is using to give classes in Macedonia using distance education  technology.