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The goals and functions of the University Council on Graduate Study (UCGS) are as follows:

1. To develop basic standards, regulations, and policies applicable to all fields for graduate instruction and research;

2. To transmit to the Chancellor legislation originating in the Council after such legislation has been reviewed by the subordinate faculty councils or committees (see Section IV.A of the Regulations Governing Graduate Study.), and has been submitted to the Graduate Faculty, or has been approved by a majority of those members responding by a mail ballot (see SectionII.D of the Regulations Governing Graduate Study.);

3. To review, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Chancellor concerning proposals for new postbaccalaureate degree and certificate programs throughout the University after such proposals have had prior review and approval by the faculty councils or committees in which the proposals originated, or in the case of interschool proposals, by the councils or committees of all the areas involved (see Section IV. A, B of the Regulations Governing Graduate Study.);

4. To keep informed regarding the quality of graduate work throughout the University by receiving annual reports from the faculty councils and committees on the current status of all graduate degree and certificate programs within their respective areas, and, when necessary, to conduct its own review of such programs; and

5. To identify and promote creative new approaches to graduate education, whether in defining fields of study, program structure, course content, behavioral objectives, research goals, or other aspects.

The members and functions of UCGS are more fully defined in the Regulations Governing Graduate Study.

December, 1995