Regulations Governing Graduate Study at the University of Pittsburgh


Revised 2017*

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Nomination and Appointment to the Graduate Faculty

Qualifications for Membership in the Graduate Faculty
Procedure for Nomination
Appointment to the Graduate Faculty

Authority and Responsibility

Authority of the Graduate Faculty

Admission and Registration

Changing the Field of Graduate Study
Admission Status
            Full Graduate Status
            Provisional Graduate Status
            Special Graduate Status
Admission of Students from Other Countries
English Language Proficiency
Full-time and Part-time Study
Maximum Programs of Study
Course Withdrawal
Tuition, Fees and Other Charges

University Grading Policy for Graduate Courses

Grading System Definitions and Grade Points
Grading Options
Grade Assignments
N (Noncredit Audit) Option
G and I Grades
Grade Changes
Official University Record: GPA Calculation

General Regulations

Academic Standards
Statute of Limitations
Acceptance of Transfer Credits
Credit by Course Examination
Registration of Undergraduate Students for Graduate Courses
Early Admission Program
Course Work Acceptable as Graduate Credit
Two Independent Degree Programs Simultaneously
Dual and Joint Degree Programs
Certificate Programs
Graduate Programs Offered in Off-Campus Locations or via Electronic Communication
Editorial Assistance
Publication of Theses and Dissertations
University Patent Policy
Application for Graduation
Certification for Graduation

Regulations Pertaining to Master's Degrees

Master of Arts and Master of Science Degrees
            Programs of Study
            Credit Requirements
            Comprehensive Examination
            Thesis Option
            Non-thesis Option
Professional Master's Degrees
            Programs of Study
            Credit Requirements
            Additional Requirements
            Student Assessment

Regulations Pertaining to the Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy Degree
            Admission to Doctoral Study
            Programs of Study
            Credit Requirements
            Residency Requirement
            Preliminary Evaluation
            Comprehensive Examination
            Doctoral Committee
            Overview or Prospectus Meeting
            Admission to Candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree
            Dissertation and Abstract
            Language of the Doctoral Dissertation
            Final Oral Examination
            Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programs
                        Generic Programs
                        Individualized Programs
Other Research Doctoral Degrees
Other Professional Doctoral Degrees

*Revised in accordance with Credit Hour Policy 09-04-15

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