LaTeX class for ETD at Pitt - Documentation

The user's manual for pittetd is available as a DVI file, and as a PDF file.

In addition, Comments on using LaTeX for theses is a separate document with a general description of useful LaTeX tools and features that may or not be known to the users. Touched upon are inclusion of graphics and handling of book-length documents. Also available in DVI, interactive DVI, and PDF formats.

The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e: Or LaTeX2e in 92 minutes, by Tobias Oberdiek et al., is an excellent reference guide. Available here as DVI and PDF files.

BibTeXing, by Oren Patashnik, is the documentation to BibTeX. Available here as a DVI file.

MakeIndex: An Index Processor for LaTeX, by Leslie Lamport, is available as a DVI file.

See downloads for documentation on hyperref and PDFTeX.

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