The PDF version of your thesis or dissertation must include bookmarks for various items in the document (See video tutorials or come to a training workshop at the library for information on using heading styles.).  Specifically, bookmarks must be made for:

Bookmarks can be automatically created from your word processor through use of styles.  See video tutorials or come to a training workshop at the library for assistance.

Assistance on Manually Creating Bookmarks Within Adobe Acrobat

Bookmarks are links that enable the reader of an ETD to easily navigate through the document chapter by chapter by allowing the reader to link to tables, figures, and charts. The Navigation pane in Acrobat/Reader will list any bookmarks on the Bookmark tab.

Your documents may automatically create bookmarks through the PDF conversion process for items such as the table of contents and list of tables and figures.  Pages such as your title page, abstract, and other pages not listed in your table of contents will not appear as bookmarks.  It is recommended that you create bookmarks for these items.  The following instructions review the process of creating bookmarks in a PDF file using Acrobat®.

Carefully review each bookmark to make sure that the appropriate text is associated with the correct page reference.

1. Open the PDF file.

2. Click the Bookmarks tab in the navigation pane to bring the Bookmarks palette to the front.  Any items that converted from your word processing document to the PDF file as bookmarks will appear in the Bookmarks tab.  Click on a bookmark link to view the page that it represents.

New bookmark entries that you create will be added at the end of the bookmarks list. If you select an existing bookmark, the new bookmark will appear after the highlighted entry.

3. To create a new bookmark, scroll to the page and text that is to be set as a bookmark. Bookmarks are even sensitive enough to detect specific locations on screen to be set as the bookmark.

4. To quickly name the new bookmark you will create, click the Text Select Tool  then drag the cursor to highlight the desired text.

5. Choose New Bookmark from the Bookmarks palette menu, or select the Create new bookmark icon   at the top of the Bookmarks palette.  If no text was selected prior to this command, you must type in a name for the bookmark; bookmark labels can be up to 128 characters long.

6. The new bookmark will appear in the Bookmarks palette at the end of the bookmark list or after the selected item.

7. Once you are finished creating bookmarks, return the cursor to normal mode.  Click the Hand tool icon   on the Basic Tools toolbar.

If you want to move a bookmark, drag and drop the item in the Bookmarks list to another location and click OK when prompted.

You can also delete unnecessary bookmarks by right clicking on the bookmark and selecting Delete from the shortcut menu.

If you are using WordPerfect and did not select the Display Options in Word before converting the document so that the bookmarks pane will automatically appear when the file is opened, you can do so within Acrobat.  Choose the File, Document Properties, Open Options, and select the document to open with Initial View as Bookmarks and Page.