June 17, 2003

I. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting on May 13, 2003 are attached.

II. Announcements
III. Proposal to Establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Public Health preparedness and  Disaster Response
I attach a proposal to establish a certificate program in Public Health Preparedness and Disaster Response to be provided by the Graduate School of Public Health.  This is one aspect of the school’s response to the growing necessity to train public health and other professionals to deal with the consequences of terrorism and natural disasters.  There will be three distinct groups of student enrolling in the program:  currently matriculated GSPH students; non-degree students, and graduate students enrolled in other graduate programs at the University.  Members of the program will attend UCGS to answer questions. Dr. Gail Cairns, Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, will attend the meeting to answer questions.

IV.   Proposal to Establish a Joint Degree Program Leading to an MBA and an MSIE
The Katz Graduate School of Business (KGSB) and the School of Engineering (SOE) will jointly operate the proposed program.  The students must be admitted into both the MBA program in KGSB and the MSIE program in Industrial Engineering and must complete both degrees concurrently.  The number of credits required is less than the number if taken separately. This will be a small program aimed at attracting more highly qualified students to these schools.  Associate Dean Larry Shuman and Executive Associate Dean Bob Nachtmann will attend the meeting to answer questions.

V. Proposal to Establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology
The University Center for Social & Urban Research (UCSUR) and the Council on Aging, University of Pittsburgh Institute on Aging (UPIA) are proposing to establish a multidisciplinary Certificate Program in Gerontology to be administratively housed in UCSUR.  The certificate program will be open to students enrolled in graduate programs in a variety of schools and also to non-degree seeking students.  This certificate is based on collaboration with the College of General Studies under the auspices of “Pitt Learning Solutions.”  Richard Schulz, Director of UCSUR and Associate Director of the Institute on Aging, and Associate Dean Darlene Zellers will attend the meeting to answer questions.